Creative ceiling design solutions

Where aesthetic impact meets acoustic comfort

Size. Shape. Color. Texture. Material. Movement. Dimension. CertainTeed Ceiling solutions embody all the elements of design in a range of choices that lets your imagination have free reign in designing one of the single largest planes in any space. Sweeping curves, warm woods, custom geometries, and free-form clouds demonstrate that you don’t ever have to sacrifice aesthetic impact for acoustic comfort.



Goodbye to boring

Innovations in materials and building science have allowed CertainTeed and its sister brands Ecophon and Decoustics to turn functional tools of acoustic control into the building blocks of sculptural masterpieces. Architects and designers have used CertainTeed ceiling solutions to add drama to soaring lobbies, bring warmth and comfort to places of healing, and even to express the dynamic creative spirit of their own workplace, all while achieving the acoustic goals necessary to a comfortable environment.

Finished Form

The standard 2 x 2 or 2 x 4 suspended ceiling panel is only the beginning of the options in acoustic ceiling forms. Extra large panels can minimize grid lines for a smoother, more monolithic ceiling. Clouds and baffles of any shape and size provide visual interest and reduce sound in open plenum interiors, while sound-absorbing wall panels enhance acoustic control on vertical surfaces.


The inelegant popcorn ceilings of the past have been replaced by a range of texture choices that provide the high acoustic performance your space needs with the aesthetic you want. Smooth, fine or medium textures are available, as well as decorative patterns and paintable surfaces. The symmetrical perforations of Gyptone gypsum ceilings combine smoothness and texture for geometric interest.

Panel Profile

From basic trim edge to semi-concealed and fully-concealed profiles, the variety of edge detail options available in CertainTeed ceiling panels give you the flexibility to create any look you like, from traditional exposed grid to near-seamless designs that hide the gridwork without preventing access.


Dramatic custom forms make even the most elaborate vision possible.