Building Science Sustainability

Building responsibly for future generations.  Sustainable building design.

Discover how respecting nature, preserving resources and building habitats with sensitivity to the world around us is actually good business. 

CertainTeed Building Science supports sustainable design in an effort to minimize the negative impact humans have on our natural surroundings, materials, and resources.  It also ensures consistent high performance over the full lifecycle of the building. The overall objective of sustainability is to provide for the needs of the present without detracting from the needs of the future.

Sustainable building projects should result in an optimal balance of cost, environmental, societal, and human benefits, while meeting the mission and function of the intended facility.

The Sustainable Building portion of the CertainTeed website is a robust resource covering the roots of sustainable design as well as the latest understandings in high performance products and solutions that deliver sustainability over the full lifecycle of the building.

CertainTeed supports the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and NAHB National Green Building Standard.  Our resources provide information and insight into how to design and build with the standards and sustainability in mind. 

Our goal is to provide the science and material solutions you need to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources and energy, minimize waste, conserve water, and create productive, healthy environments for the future.

Get more information on how CertainTeed is sustainable by visiting the CertainTeed Building Responsibly sitelette.