Fire Performance

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Fire safety is in construction.

But the best fire performance is not just built to code, it’s designed from the ground up.

Fire safety begins with a well thought out building design. Building codes require that many building products and assemblies resist flame spread and smoke development for extended periods of time. CertainTeed Building Science provides excellent resource on building codes, material selection, and the testing and use of fire resistance metrics to build a structure that is not only safe but one that is also ideally suited for its environment.

With CertainTeed Building resources, you will:

  • Learn the basis for fire safety in building codes
  • Understand the performance attributes required for fire resistance
  • Identify fire testing methods for building materials and assemblies
  • Discover how building assemblies are rated for fire resistance
  • Know the fire testing requirements for mechanical systems

Use CertainTeed’s interactive library to get a thorough understanding of important factors in design and specification, including the way building materials are evaluated and rated for their flammability, the way construction and components are rated for combustibility, and the way assemblies are rated for fire resistance.

Fire safety is a critical part of design, and it contributes to more sustainable buildings and greater occupant safety. Use our resource library to discover more.