Where SMARTBATT™ Works

Know Your Climate Zone

Use SMARTBATT for insulation in climate zones 3–7. It is ideal for areas where you cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter.**

It’s critical to determine the recommended R-Value for your region. However, upgrading beyond these minimums creates a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Not all climate zones require vapor retarders. To determine whether they’re recommended for your region, use our online insulation calculator.





Smartbatt Applications



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SmartBatt™ Creates Unparalleled Airtightness & Moisture Management

Watch how FineHomebuilding uses SmartBatt to create a superior airtight envelope without having to sacrifice moisture management. By taping the seams during the installation process, SmartBatt can be used as a continuous air barrier and has been 3rd party verified to achieve 1.6 ACH50 before either the drywall or exterior barrier were installed which helped get the ProHOME down to an ultimate 0.4 ACH50. This was all achieved without having to compromise on moisture management because SmartBatt has an integrated Smart Vapor Retarder that intelligently adapts its permeability to ambient conditions, helping to keep walls dry year round.

CertainTeed's SMART Vapor Retarders with MoistureSense™ Technology

Managing moisture within the wall is critical to help mitigate the dangers of mold and mildew growth. Learn how CertainTeed's SMART Vapor Retarders with MoistureSense™ Technology work and are a revolutionary solution to combat these issues.