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This product is intended for use in either residential or commercial construction as thermal insulation in walls. These batts are designed for use in standard width wood framed construction where a vapor retarder is needed. The batts have a kraft facing without flanges and can be friction-fit between wall studs for non-exposed applications.


Installing this product will save time and improve productivity by reducing field labor. Stapling is not required because the fiberglass fills the entire cavity. In addition to its thermal properties, this product also provides excellent acoustical performance.


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Help build an environment of change.™ - Sustainable Insulation

New Sustainable Insulation is the latest innovation from CertainTeed, a long-time leader in the building materials industry. Energy-efficient, noise-reducing and environmentally responsible, CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation is made from renewable, recyclable and organic materials, utilizing proven fiber glass technology. So it enables you to create better homes and buildings and help build an environment of change.™


SpeedyR Tabless Batts friction-fit between wood studs and do not require stapling.

For most areas, vapor retarders should be installed on the warm-in-the-winter side of the insulation (toward the interior). A vapor retarder is any material that limits or restricts the transmission of water vapor.

Common vapor retarders include kraft or foil facings adhered directly to fiberglass insulation and nylon or polyethylene films applied over insulation filled building cavities.

For some warm and humid areas, vapor retarders—if used—should be installed outside the heating or building envelope. It is not appropriate to install kraft faced fiberglass with the facing toward the exterior. Check local practice and/or building codes before installation.

Warranty Details

Refer to CertainTeed's Lifetime Limited Insulation Warranty for Fiberglass Building Insulation.

Sustainability Information

CertainTeed insulation products improve building energy efficiency and reduce building energy consumption for the life of the structure. As a result, they help conserve nonrenewable energy sources, decrease dependence on foreign oil and lower greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the recycled content of CertainTeed fiberglass insulation meets the EPA minimum Recovered Material Guideline for fiberglass products consisting of preconsumer and post-consumer glass cullet.

CertainTeed insulation is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage.

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