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CertaSpray® X (CSX) Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation is the newest high-performance product in CertainTeed Insulation's CertaSpray portfolio. CSX meets the requirements of AC377 Appendix X and can be installed in attics and crawl spaces without the need for an ignition barrier or additional intumescent coating*.

Why use a spray foam product that does not require an ignition barrier?

Building codes require spray foam insulations installed in attics or crawlspaces to be protected by an ignition barrier or other approved material.* This means approved products, such as CertaSpray X, can be applied in one step and left exposed in such areas, enabling contractors a quicker install time and less labor costs.

*Always refer to local building code for complete requirements and approvals.

  • Keep the Construction Schedule on Time - One step application means a day saved on the job site. Also, CSX cures to a distinctive mocha color, which can be quickly identified by building inspectors, speeding up the inspection process.
  • Increase Comfort Levels - CertaSpray X fills voids, creating a virtually seamless air barrier
  • Reduce Costs and Save Truck Space - With CertaSpray X, there is no need for additional coating buckets and paint guns taking up space in the truck.

With CertaSpray X you only need one product - from Attic to Crawl space

Save Time.     Stop Drafts.      Stop Noise.      Stop Looking.


CertaSpray Installers:

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Open cell polyurethane foam may be applied to thicknesses of 12" in multiple passes or lifts. Due to the high coefficient of expansion and the quick speed of reaction, care should be taken by the installer to control application of SPF. All application surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dust and debris. Surfaces must be dry prior to application of spray foam. Excess humidity may cause poor adhesion, and result in product failure. To avoid overspray, product should not be applied when conditions are windy. Ensure the B-side material is mixed thoroughly for at least 30 minutes prior to application each day. If the B-side material sits overnight within the line, it should be recirculated back into the original CertaSpray X B-side drum to provide a uniform mix of the material. DO NOT BLEND this product with any other material. Material in the line and drum must be CertaSpray X B-side. IN-USE PROCEDURE: Mix material before AND during the entire application. The mixer MUST remain on until work is complete. If the application stops and material is not mixed for more than 1 hour, it is required to mix the B-side for 30 minutes prior to start-up. It is also required to recirculate material in the line. DO NOT BLEND this product with any other material.

Warranty Details

This product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Sustainability Information

CertainTeed insulation products improve building energy efficiency and reduce building energy consumption for the life of the structure. As a result, they help conserve nonrenewable energy sources, decrease dependence on foreign oil and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Industry-wide spray polyurethane foam Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) available.