Fire Performance

Innovative Solutions For Fire Performance

Regarding fire safety, non-combustibility or the ability to resist catching fire, is key. Building materials installed in building systems must not ignite and react to fire prior to flashover; otherwise, they will only accelerate the fire and limit the amount to time that occupants have to evacuate.

Fiberglass is naturally noncombustible, so it requires no additional chemical treatments, and remains so for the life of the product. Fiberglass comes in a variety of forms from batts to blown-in to meet the toughest building codes and customer demands. Ideal for new build, retrofit or remodel.


No additives or dyes. No discernible odor. Just high-performance fiberglass insulation that’s easier to handle, easier to install, and won’t settle. Ever. That’s InsulPure™.

Installing OPTIMA in MidFloor applications provides high-quality, easy to install fire protection that meets NFPA 13 standards allowing it to be used in conjunction with sprinklers or to replace sprinklers in buildings 5 stories or less.

Membrain Continuous Air Barrier and Smart Vapor Retarder intelligently manages moisture by adapting permeability to changing conditions while maintaining air tightness. With its Class A fire rating, you can use in combination with unfaced Sustainable Insulation for both fire protection and moisture management.

Use EasyTouch insulation in attics, crawlspaces, above commercial ceiling grids, or anywhere Class A fire rating is needed. It is comfort-coated with perforated plastic film, for quick, easy install.

Naturally noncombustible, unfaced Sustainable Insulation requires no chemical additives to provide optimum fire protection and is recognized by building code groups as an acceptable fire stop in residential wood-frame walls.