Improving Acoustics

We all want a peaceful, quiet home. And insulation can help by managing noise from outside and throughout the house. CertainTeed insulation helps reduce exterior noise and is also great for interior walls — helping quiet room-to-room sounds. Fiberglass insulation in interior walls and floors/ceilings can improve sound reduction between spaces by 5 to 15 decibels1.

1 “Sound Control For Commercial And Residential Buildings,” North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, 1997.


Help Silence These Common Acoustical Offenders

Exterior Noise

Road and air traffic, Lawn mowers, Barking dogs

Interior Noise

Appliances, Home theaters and video games, Plumbing pipes, Footsteps on hard flooring



Certainteed Solutions:

OPTIMA® Blow-In Insulation delivers outstanding acoustic control, as it seals gaps that sound could travel through.

Sustainable Insulation® batts provide exceptional noise control in both exterior walls to keep outside noise where it belongs and interior wall applications limiting sound from travelling between rooms.