Ceiling Insulation

Reducing the Potential for Noise to Travel

Insulate the ceilings in your home, garage,and basement to reduce noise, and create peaceful living spaces. CertainTeed offers a wide selection of ceiling insulation products. We help keep your home as comfortable as possible - and create the quiet sanctuary you need.


These pre-cut fiberglass batts and rolls, made from renewable and recycled materials, are easy to install, last for the life of the home, and are maintenance free. They’re designed to fit snugly right into your ceiling joists.

This fully encapsulated insulation is easy to handle and requires little clean-up making it a perfect solution for overhead installation in ceilings applications. Unfaced EasyTouch is also class A fire rated, so it can be left exposed if desired.

This premium loose fill fiberglass insulation is ideal for closed cavities like ceilings. It’s engineered to provide outstanding acoustic performance.

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