Attic Insulation

The Most Important Room to Insulate

Similar to wearing a warm hat in the winter, insulating your attic is one of the easiest and most cost effective solutions to create a comfortable home year-round. Attics specifically require a thicker layer of insulation with higher R-value, because the higher points in a home are always subjected to greater temperature extremes. In addition to thermal performance, air sealing and moisture management are key when adding attic insulation.


This fiberglass blowing insulation is designed for thermal protection and noise reduction. It’s ideal for open area attics as it creates a custom uniform blanket that fills all of the nooks and crannies where heat can escape.

This total system, great for DIY or small jobs, includes blown-in fiberglass insulation and the easy-to-use portable blowing machine. Easily insulate your attic in only a half day.

These fiberglass batts and rolls, made from recycled and renewable resources, are available in kraft faced and unfaced. They’re pre-measured and ready to quickly and easily fit in attic joists.

This fully encapsulated insulation is easy to handle and requires little clean-up making it a perfect solution for your attic. Unfaced EasyTouch is class A fire rated, and especially useful for re-insulation.