Bufftech Fence Blends in Beautifully in California Community

Tustin, California, is a desirable community in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Known by the locals as the “City of Trees,” it’s an affluent suburb that’s been ranked by Forbes as one of the top 25 towns in America to live well in.

So when it came time for Tustin’s aptly named Tree Haven condominiums to replace the dilapidated wood fence that surrounded the complex, the homeowners association approached Saddleback Fence and Vinyl Products of Costa Mesa, California, with some very specific requirements. The residents wanted a low-maintenance fence that would keep its fresh look for years to come, while providing an elegant enclosure that would blend in beautifully with the community’s lush surroundings.

Saddleback Fence and Vinyl Products met with members of the Tree Haven HOA board and presented them with samples from two different vinyl fence brands, one being CertainTeed Bufftech®.

“At first, the HOA balked at the price of the Bufftech fence,” said Ed Newton, HOA sales representative for Saddleback. “But they loved the look of Bufftech’s CertaGrain® wood texture and colors.”

Then there was the issue of gates — 77 to be exact. “The project had a lot of gates at the patio enclosures and around the perimeter of the property,” Newton noted. “Bufftech gates are much easier to size up and install than other products, saving installation time and cost.”

In the end, Saddleback installed more than 2,500 feet of Bufftech’s Chesterfield CertaGrain privacy fence in Frontier Blend along with 77 matching Bufftech heavy-duty gates to the delight of the Tree Haven residents.

“People are usually quick to complain, but very seldom do they come out and praise the product or the job,” said Newton. “The HOA members are thrilled with their new Bufftech fence.”

Newton noted that the installation went extremely well, thanks to training provided by CertainTeed Manager, Application Product Specialists Pat Sadler and Bufftech Territory Manager Todd Gaddo. “The advanced training was a huge help to our crews,” Newton reported. “We’re very happy with the support we get from Bufftech.”

As an elite vinyl fence provider in California’s Orange County, Saddleback is a big fan of Bufftech’s premium products. “Our customers love the woodgrain texture as well as the CertaStucco™ fence, which is very popular in this area,” said Newton.

“Bufftech offers excellent quality that stands up to the extremes and the sun on the West Coast. It’s like the Mercedes or BMW of the fence industry.”

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