Be Picky When It Comes to Picking Solar

In 2016, the solar energy industry reached a major milestone: more than one million total homes in the U.S. had installed solar panels on their homes.  Many of these individuals reaped huge savings on their energy bills, took advantage of significant tax incentives, and increased the value of their home in the process. 

Of course, not every home is a candidate for solar, but it’s not only warm southern or western states that qualify.  Surprisingly, a study by North Carolina State University rated New York City as the top major city for energy savings by converting to solar energy.

The CertainTeed Legacy

With so much growth in the solar industry it is important that you work with an established manufacturer like CertainTeed, which first began making roofing products in 1904. Many providers in the solar industry are young companies without a track record simply riding the wave of exploding solar demand. These companies often only install products from manufacturers that grant their business the best incentives for their own bottom line, rather than offering the best system for your home and budget.

The Components of a Solar System

Although solar PV systems may look pretty simple from afar, it is actually a complex technological system that requires top-notch components and installation expertise.  The solar system for your roof is comprised of a number of separate elements, such as the photovoltaic (PV) modules, inverters, mounting system and flashing material. 

The system works like this: The PV module absorbs sunlight during daytime hours, while the inverter converts the DC collected on your roof into the AC power that your home can use.  Your electric meter draws energy through the power grid only when the amount generated by your PV system is insufficient to meet your demand.  

Protecting your Solar System

As the trend of system ownership continues to move away from third-party ownership – a.k.a. leased PV systems – to homeowner ownership, solar warranties are becoming more important than ever to homeowners.

 Many solar installations come with separate warranties for each component, so when a problem arises, the system owners are left chasing different vendors trying to find the one responsible for that particular problem or warranty.  

Alternatively, CertainTeed claims long-term responsibility for each system component, leaving you with no questions as to who covers what in the event that something goes wrong. 

CertainTeed’s Comprehensive Installer Workmanship Warranty

CertainTeed also warrants the installation workmanship for any of its solar shingles systems installed by a CertainTeed Solar installer.

To earn a CertainTeed credential, a company must meet stringent guidelines as to their quality of work, experience with installing solar systems, and professionalism. In exchange, they can offer CertainTeed’s installation workmanship warranty, which includes end-to-end coverage for both the products and the installation workmanship for up to 25 years.  

This warranty coverage comes at no additional cost, and covers system testing to determine the cause of a performance problem, the repair or replacement of defective components, and correction of any faulty installation workmanship.  Plus, in the event that the company who installed your CertainTeed solar system is not in business, CertainTeed will pay to have another installer honor the warranty – so no matter what, you’re covered!