8 Tips for Visualizing You New Home Exterior

A Guide to Virtual Remodeling from CertainTeed

Siding and roofing a home are big projects that you want to get right the first time and trying to visualize what your house will look like in a new color or style is not always easy. That’s where visualization tools, like CertainTeed’s ColorView, come into the picture. These tools let you see what your home will look like in a new color or texture well before the first piece of siding or roofing is installed.

Masking the image works by overlaying what is there with a digitally-rendered image. In this case the existing home is masked with new exterior building products. This process can be DIY with a visualization tool or, for a small fee, performed by a professional (recommended). The final product will provide a likeness of what the new exterior will look like, so you can feel confident in making a major curb appeal decision.

Ready to get started? First follow these 8 tips to make sure you get the best results – then upload your image to our ColorView tool and start designing!

When you’ve finished your photo session, upload your favorite image to ColorView to begin a customizing a beautiful new look for your home. It may take a few more minutes, but in the end you’ll be glad you took the time.  

Visit ColorView on the CertainTeed Design Center.