3 Challenges – 1 Solution

OPTIMA® MidFloor Premium Blown-in Insulation System

How do you solve for fire safety, acoustical performance and labor-intensive installations in midfloor/interstitial applications? It turns out that one insulation product overcomes all three challenges: OPTIMA® Midfloor – a blown-in insulation system from CertainTeed.

Fire Protection

According to NFPA 13 standard section, noncombustible insulation installed in concealed spaces can serve as a substitute for a sprinkler system in low-rise buildings.

OPTIMA Midfloor from CertainTeed is a premium fiber glass product that is naturally noncombustible and meets the NFPA 13 standard for sprinkler substitution. Although fiber glass batt insulation can meet the same standard, OPTIMA offers a versatility that batts cannot match, filling any size cavity and around all obstructions more easily and effectively than batts.

But its advantages don’t stop there. Compared to a sprinkler system, OPTIMA costs about 25% less to install and carries no annual maintenance costs. It also offers better aesthetics – no sprinklers poking out of the ceiling – and no worries about potential leaks. Finally, it stands to reason that when installed in conjunction with sprinklers, OPTIMA provides an additional measure of fire safety that can give building owners and residents additional peace of mind.

Acoustical Performance

Anyone who has ever lived with neighbors on the floor above can appreciate the sound-blocking abilities of insulation installed between them to create quieter, more peaceful spaces.

Along with added fire safety, OPTIMA offers acoustical performance. Blown-in fiber glass fills the midfloor space completely, leaving no gaps through which sounds can readily travel. And compared to no insulation in the midfloor, OPTIMA can make a world of difference. It improves the STC rating by 14 points – in other words, it cuts the apparent volume of airborne sounds in half.

Complete Coverage – Fast, simple installation

Even in the most complex midfloor areas, OPTIMA delivers complete, uniform coverage. CertainTeed designed it specifically to allow faster and less labor-intensive installations than batt insulation – and that translates into cost savings. There’s no need to double up batt layers or undertake awkward, time-consuming efforts to fill all the gaps in oddly shaped voids. There’s also no need to cut around ductwork, wiring or plumbing, and no wasted fiber glass scraps. All of that in just one SKU.

“I have tried many midfloor products and saw huge time and product savings with OPTIMA. I consider it my ‘secret weapon’ for midfloor.”
 – Eddie Hays, Insulation Contractor


Whatever your midfloor challenge – fire protection, sound dampening, or install times and labor costs – you need just one solution: OPTIMA, the premium blown-in insulation system. And because it’s from CertainTeed, you know you’ll have the building science and technical support you need.

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