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Exterior trim can include everything from rakes, shingle mold, back band, corners, sill nose, sill, sheets, beadboard, brick mould, J-pocket trim boards, trim boards, and specialty profiles.
Traditionally, exterior trim has been wood. However, today’s building owners—particularly baby boomers, commercial landlords, builders, remodelers, and facility managers—prefer PVC (vinyl) trim because it is durable and practically maintenance-free. It will not absorb moisture, warp, bow, or rot. It is impervious to wood-boring insects and be cut, routed, shaped, and milled with ordinary wood-working tools. It never needs scraping or painting, is resistant to UV rays and salt spray, and is (limited) warranted for 25 years. Plastic PVC exterior trim can be heat-formed into curved profiles and shapes, and it can be routed with traditional woodworking instruments into decorative shapes. This versatile exterior trim is dimensionally stable and will not warp. PVC exterior trim is self-extinguishing, which earns it a Class A (Class 1) Flame Spread Classification.

CertainTeed Restoration Millwork® PVC Exterior Trim meets ICC Evaluation Services, Inc. (ICC-ES) code requirements as designated in report number ESR-2922. The report confirms that Restoration Millwork is code compliant and meets strict criteria for exterior trim used in residential and light commercial construction. ICC-ES (www.icc-es.org) evaluated the following properties of Restoration Millwork trim boards and sheets:  weather and termite resistance, surface-burning characteristics, and structural wind loads.
Available in smooth and TrueTexture™ woodgrain finishes, Restoration Millwork exterior trim looks and feels like wood, yet resists freezing during winter months and is impervious to wood-boring insect damage. It comes ready to install in a long-lasting Natural White color. Restoration Millwork is available in a variety of dimensional lumber and sheet widths and thicknesses with consistent dimensions for an accurate fit. Additionally, it complements vinyl, wood, stucco, fiber cement, and brick siding and is ideal for single- and multi-family housing, light commercial developments and remodeling projects. Restoration Millwork cuts, shapes, routs and mills with ordinary woodworking tools, and fastens with nails or screws. It can also be heat formed for geometric window surrounds and architectural shapes.

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