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CertainTeed is a leading manufacturer of commercial roofing and residential roofing products and is a division of Saint-Gobain, the world’s largest manufacturer of building materials. Saint-Gobain ranks among the world’s top 100 industrial corporations, operating through a global network of more than 600 companies in more than 50 countries. Quality commercial roofing depends on two essential elements: excellent materials and superior workmanship. CertainTeed has been one of North America’s leading commercial roofing material manufacturers for over 100 years.

Innovative commercial roofing solutions

CertainTeed leads the way in smart, energy-saving commercial roofing products that help you meet new building standards. For instance, our CoolStar™ products such as Flintlastic® SA Cap FR CoolStar™ and Flintlastic® GTA CoolStar™ with solar-reflective surfaces meet ENERGY STAR® and California Title 24 requirements, and offer several installation advantages.

Workmanship is key

To help assure the best possible workmanship for your commercial roof installation, CertainTeed has established the Gold and Silver Star Contractor programs. These programs offer the building owner a selection of highly credentialed roofing contractors who have met the strictest criteria relating to financial credibility, workmanship history and sound business practices, including proper licenses and appropriate insurance.

Outstanding Commercial Roofing Warranty Options

Only CertainTeed Gold and Silver Star Contractors are eligible to apply for CertainTeed’s NDL (No Dollar Limit) and Integrity Coverage (IC) warranties on specific commercial roof projects. The three levels of IC warranties are only available through CertainTeed Gold Star Contractors. Owners and specifiers who choose an IC option have the added security of manufacturer involvement in the maintenance and upkeep of each commercial roofing system to maximize the life expectancy of the roof.
Contact CertainTeed for complete warranty and maintenance plan details, including limitations and costs.

 Keep the following factors in mind when selecting or specifying a low slope roof:
  • Choose the highest possible quality materials from an established manufacturer with an excellent reputation for integrity. CertainTeed has been manufacturing roofing materials for over 100 years.


  • Compare similar products. Evaluate the technical data provided by the manufacturer. Compare the weights, thicknesses and ASTM test results.


  • Remember, the money saved today on a low cost roofing system can be more than offset by the need to reroof sooner as the result of poor performance leading to leakage or premature failure.

  • Consider the commercial roofing manufacturer’s warranty. The length of the warranty term (in years) helps gauge the superiority of the system selected. Generally, the longer the warranty, the better the system. Is a guarantee which covers not only the material but also the contractor’s workmanship available for the roof system selected?


  • Property value. Is the manufacturer’s warranty transferable to a new building owner?


  • How committed is the commercial roofing material manufacturer willing to be? Does the manufacturer, as an option to the owner, have an approved contractor program in place? If an enhanced warranty that includes workmanship is selected, will the manufacturer inspect the roof project? With CertainTeed, the answer to all of these questions is yes.


  • Consider energy costs. Keep in mind that white mineral surfaced cap sheets, light colored gravel surfacing or roofs coated with reflective roof coating will help reduce interior cooling costs. Consider a CertainTeed cap sheet with CoolStar™ reflective coating.



  • Consider building code requirements. Many local and state governments have specific guidelines for specifying roof systems.


For more information, please visit CertainTeed’s commercial roofing products page.

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