FlintFast® Twin Loc-Nail Base Sheet Fastener

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FlintFast Twin Loc-Nail Base Sheet Fastener

For base sheet, recovery board and insulation to lightweight insulating concrete, structural wood fiber and poured gypsum.  Factory pre-assembled components consisting of:
Tube:  Precision formed from coated steel to prevent corrosion.  The tube is shaped to easily penetrate decking and existing membranes.
Disk:  Precision formed from coated steel to prevent corrosion, 2.7" diameter.  Securely clamped to tube and rib reinforced to resist cupping.
Locking Staple:  Precision formed from stainless steel wire.

Approvals:  Twin Loc-Nails maintain Factory Mutual and Miami-Dade County Approvals
Fastening Pattern:  Consult Factory Mutual or Miami-Dade County requirements for recommended pattern in normal, exposed, and hurricane areas.
Field Testing:  On-site withdrawal testing should always be performed to evaluate the stability of the roofing substrate to satisfactorily accept and retain fasteners.  Such testing may alter fastener selection and modify applicable fasting patterns.  The Twin Loc-Nail should always be embedded into the structural roof deck to te depth of t least 1".

Equipment:  Always use a Twin Loc Driver.  Consult CertainTeed for the specific driver for your application.
See technical data sheet for detailed installation instructions.

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