FlintEDGE® Reglet & Flashing

FlintEDGE Concealed Mount Reglet
The surface mounted wall reglet permits fastener concealment under the continuous snap-on flashing skirt.  An attractive and weatherproof counter flashing design.

FlintEDGE In-Wall Drive-Lock Reglet
Two-piece counter flashing system with surface mounted reglet / receiver punched for fastening 12" o.c.  Snap-on metal skirt flashing can be removed for re-roofing or maintenance.
FlintEDGE Surface Mount Reglet
Standard one-piece design.  Sections easily overlap for continuous counter flashing of wall terminated roofing.  Fast installation.  Pre-punched fastener holes at 12" o.c.  Custom sizes available upon request.
FlintEDGE Snap-on Face Reglet
Continuous wall retainer bar secures roofing to the wall or blocking with fastener holes 12" o.c.  Snap-on metal fascia cover conceals fasteners.  Attractive clean lines with your choice of 24 standard Kynar 500® colors.

Reglets are primarily made from mill aluminum or pre-coat Kynar 500® aluminum sheet.  The two piece reglet and flashing details are usually fabricated with an .050" (1.25 mm) reglet head and an .032" (0.80 mm) flashing.  Special colors or finishes are available.  Finish setups or minimum quantities may be required.  Copper or stainless steel reglets by request.
FlintEDGE is covered by CertainTeed's full system warranty.
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