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Quiet Operation
HVAC insulation absorbs equipment & air rush noises

Energy Savings
Lowers HVAC operating costs

Healthier Air
Can prevent harmful mold and bacterial growth
The right solutions
start with the right products.


342381 ToughGard® Ultra*Round™ Spiral Duct Liner
Acoustical and thermal liner for spiral or round HVAC metal ducts.
Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC) 
341083 WideWrap Duct Wrap
Five-foot duct wrap accommodates larger ducts for less labor, less material, and a cleaner appearance.
Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC) 
317374 ALL Mechanical & Industrial Insulation Products
Our Mechanical and Industrial focused products meet the highest standards for thermal and acoustical performance.
Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC)49-101A
317382 ToughGard® Duct Board
A rigid board with a tough, durable airstream surface for a superior duct system that keeps moisture out and comfort in.
Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC)49-108A
317381 ToughGard® T Textile Duct Liner  (TGT)
Acoustical liner for HVAC metal ducts to absorb unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air rush noise.
Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC)49-107A
317386 Ultra*Duct™ Black Duct Board
A rigid board designed for fabrication into supply and return air HVAC duct work.
Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC)49-112A
317383 ToughGard® R Duct Liner
Rotary liner for HVAC metal ducts that absorbs unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air rush noise.
Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC)49-109A
317385 ToughGard® Rigid Liner Board
High-quality acoustical and thermal board for the interior of HVAC sheet metal ducts and plenums.
Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC)49-111A
317355 CertaPro™ Commercial Board
Versatile board insulation with high thermal and acoustic performance per inch.
Exterior Walls, Interior Walls, Ceilings, Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC)48-10A
317380 SoftTouch™ Duct Wrap
Reduce unwanted heat loss or gain and condensation during system operation.
Heating & Cooling Ducts (HVAC)49-106A
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