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SilentFX® Gypsum Board

SilentFX Noise-Reducing Gypsum Board. The best in acoustic management.

SilentFX®, featuring M2Tech® technology, is a noise-reducing gypsum board specifically designed for systems requiring high STC ratings where acoustic management is needed. Viscoelastic polymer is applied between two specially formulated gypsum boards to dampen sound energy and significantly improve sound attenuation through walls and ceilings. SilentFX gypsum board is enclosed in a 100% recycled moisture and mold resistant face and back paper. As a result of the inclusion of M2Tech technology, SilentFX also contributes to indoor air quality by providing enhanced moisture and mold resistance.

SilentFX® Gypsum Board

SilentFX® Gypsum Boards are intended for use on interior walls and ceilings in residential, commercial or institutional applications. They can be used for new construction or renovations over wood or steel framing. It is typically nailed or screwed to studs spaced 16" or 24" o.c.
Product Data
  • Thickness: Nominal 1/2" (12.7 mm); 5/8" (15.9 mm) Type X
  • Width: 4' (1220 mm)
  • Length: 8' (2440 mm)
  • Edges: Tapered
  • Packaging: Product is not bundled

Custom lengths available upon request. Contact the nearest Sales Office for stocked lengths available.

Product Standards:
  • ASTM C1396
  • ASTM C1629

For complete Technical Data, please see the Product Data and Submittal Sheet.

SilentFX® Gypsum Board

SilentFX® Gypsum Board is installed following traditional methods of application and finishing of interior gypsum board products for both walls and ceilings.
• Plan SilentFX board layout to stagger joints from one side of the wall to the other.
• Install insulating batts (CertainTeed’s thermal and acoustical fiber glass insulation or equivalent) in cavities.
• Use putty pads (tested per ASTM E 90) or acoustical sealant to seal electrical outlets.
• Install SilentFX in accordance with GA-216, “Application and Finishing of Gypsum
Panels” (ASTM C840).
• Allow a 1/4" (6 mm) gap around all wall perimeter edges.
• SilentFX boards are cut by deeply scoring from both sides and snapping, or using a hand or power saw.
• Cutting across 4' (1220 mm) width may require use of a hand or power saw.
• Seal the 1/4" (6 mm) perimeter gaps and wall penetrations per ASTM C 919 with acoustical sealant (Green Glue® Noiseproofing Sealant or equivalent).
SilentFX Gypsum Board may be finished, painted or wallpapered using conventional gypsum board techniques. The Gypsum Association publication GA-214, “Recommended Levels of Gypsum Board Finish,” should be referenced when specifying the level of finishing desired.
For complete installation instructions, please see Install Like the Pros, Gypsum Board Installation Guide.

SilentFX® Gypsum Board

Please see the attached document for complete warranty.

SilentFX® Gypsum Board

CertainTeed Gypsum is committed to sustainability. Our manufacturing facilities, located throughout North America, operate with a responsible and environmentally conscious ethic that includes reclamation, preservation of natural resources, recycling and waste management.
The face and back paper used for our gypsum boards consists of 100% recycled paper and in-plant scrap is recycled back into the manufacturing process.

CertainTeed SilentFX Gypsum Board products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality® and GREENGUARD Children & Schools SM Certified. SilentFX Gypsum Board is mold resistant in accordance with ASTM D 3273 and ASTM G 21 test methods, assists in meeting the requirements of ANSI Standard S12.60-2002 and can help contribute to LEED credits.