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AirRenew® indoor air quality (IAQ) gypsum board product line expands to include impact-resistance.

AirRenew’s innovative technology enhances the air quality of interior environments by permanently reducing VOCs, particularly formaldehyde, circulating in the air. AirRenew takes VOCs out of the air and converts them into safe inert compounds.

AirRenew Extreme Impact is a cost-effective alternative to concrete masonry units, often specified for high-traffic applications. AirRenew Impact contains a specially designed fiberglass reinforcement that provides superior resistance to hard impacts and penetrations. The product feature M2Tech® technology, which consists of 100 percent recycled paper that is treated to protect against mold growth.
Ideal for healthcare, education, and commercial projects with sustainable design in mind, the AirRenew product family can contribute to indoor environmental quality, recycled materials, and innovation in design credits for green projects.  AirRenew contains up to 99 percent total recycled content and may provide regional materials depending on project location.  In addition, the use of impact-resistant gypsum board contributes to the overall durability and longevity of interior spaces in homes and buildings.

AirRenew® Extreme Impact Resistant Gypsum Board is for use in interior wall and ceiling applications that require improved durability and is specially designed to offer a healthier living and working environment by improving indoor air quality and offering peace of mind for generations.

Thicknesses: 5/8" (15.9 mm) Type X
Widths: 4' (1220 mm)
Lengths: 8', 10', 12' Standard
(2440, 3050, 3660 mm)
Weight: 2.8 lbs per SF (13.7 kg/m2)
Edges: Tapered
Packaging: Two pieces per bundle, face-to-face
Product Standards:
ASTM C1396
ASTM C1629

CertainTeed AirRenew Extreme Abuse accepts water based acrylic (latex) and epoxy paints, primers, textures and breathable wallpapers. The surface shall be primed and sealed with a full-bodied latex primer before applying a final decorative material. This will equalize the suction between the joint compounds and the paper surface.

For best painting results, all surfaces, including joint compound, should be clean, dust-free and not glossy. If glossy paints are used, a thin skim coat of compound over the entire surface, Level 5 finish, is recommended to reduce highlighting or joint photographing. This method is also recommended for areas of critical sidelighting of natural or artificial light sources.

A water based primer/sealer application under breathable wallpaper or other wall covering is also recommended so the board surface will not be damaged, if the covering is subsequently removed during redecorating.

Please see attached document for complete warranty.

AirRenew® Extreme Impact Resistant Gypsum Board

CertainTeed Gypsum is committed to sustainability. Our manufacturing facilities, located throughout North America, provide regional material coverage and operate with a responsible and environmentally conscious ethic that includes reclamation, preservation of natural resources, recycling and waste management.
AirRenew boards are GREENGUARD® Gold Certified, can contribute to LEED building credits and contain up to 99% total recycled content.
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