High Density Setting Compound 15kg Bags



High Density Setting Compound recommended for heavy fills or when exceptional

High Density Setting Compounds are recommended for heavy fills or when exceptional bond is necessary. Once dry the product is not sandable. It is specially formulated to harden with very little shrinkage. This enables gypsum wallboard joints to be taped and first coated with High Density, and once set, the joints can be finished with All–Purpose Compound — all in the same day.

For complete details please see Product Data and Submittal Sheet

High Density 20 15 kg bag – 309055
High Density 45 15 kg bag – 309083
High Density 90 15 kg bag – 309084

Color: Off-White
Packaging: 15 kg (33 lbs) bags, 2 kg (4.4 lbs) pails
Coverage: Approximate coverage is 32 kg (70 lbs) of powder per 93 m2 (1000 ft2) of drywall panel.
Storage: Rotate stock to avoid aging problems. Use within 60 days of delivery. Store in a dry location. Keep away from moisture. Opened bags should be closed tightly before storage.
Shelf Life: 6 months from production code date when stored properly.

For complete Technical Data please see Product Data and Submittal Sheet

Joint Finishing

Wallboard joints are normally finished using three coats of compound; the first to prefill the joint and embed the tape; the second to cover the tape, and the third to finish the joint. CertainTeed Setting-Type Compounds can be used for embedment and first coat. The third coat is typically done using CertainTeed Ready-Mixed Drywall All-Purpose Compound. For joint reinforcement the use of mesh tape is recommended. Apply the first coat to the joint in a band about 64 mm (2-1/2") wide. Centre CertainTeed Tape over joint and embed with a broad knife. Allow to set, as per product specifications on the package.



Since methods and condition of application such as temperature, humidity and over thinning are beyond our control, CertainTeed Gypsum, Inc. (CertainTeed) will not be responsible for the failure of this product when not used according to directions and specifications and accepted standards of procedure inherent in drywall application; or when reasonable allowance is not made by the user for adverse weather and job conditions. However, if this product proves to be defective, maximum liability shall be limited to replacement of the material only or refund of the purchase price. This shall be the full limit whatsoever of CertainTeed’s liability. All claims shall be submitted in writing to CertainTeed within thirty days from the date of discovery. State or federal laws may provide rights in addition to this warranty that cannot be modified or excluded.
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