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Diamondback® Tile Backer. The superior tile substrate for walls, ceilings, and countertops.

Diamondback® Tile Backer is used behind tiles in wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries, utility rooms and kitchens. Quarter-inch (6.4mm) Diamondback Tile Backer is suitable for use as an underlayment for countertops and residential and light commercial flooring applications. Diamondback Tile Backer Type X provides the same moisture resistance as Diamondback Tile Backer, plus it has a specially formulated core for use in fire resistance-rated designs. These products consist of a high performance, water-resistant gypsum board produced with CertainTeed’s patented, proprietary Embedded Glass Reinforced Gypsum (EGRG®) Technology.

Diamondback® Tile Backer and Diamondback Tile Backer Type X Boards are used in wet areas, non-wet areas, high-humidity areas and are typically used for adhering ceramic tiles to walls and floors in bathrooms, in shower and tub enclosure walls, kitchens, laundry and utility rooms. They may be used for walls and ceilings, countertops, floors and as a wall backing for laminate-faced panels or fiberglass tub and shower units to provide impact, fire and sound resistance.

Thicknesses: 1/4" (6.4 mm), 1/2" (12.7 mm), 5/8" (15.9 mm)(Type X)
Widths: 32" (815 mm), 3' (915 mm), 4' (1220 mm) standard
Lengths: 4' (1220 mm), 5' (1525 mm) and 8' (2440 mm)
Edges: Square

For detailed Technical Data, please see Product Data and Submittal Sheet.

Applicable Standards and References
• ASTM C 630, ASTM 1396, ASTM C 1178
• Gypsum Association GA-216
• Gypsum Association GA-214
• CAN/CSA-A82.31
• Tile Council of North America’s TCA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation
• ANSI’s American National Standard Specifications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile

Installation of Diamonback® boards should be consistent with methods described in the standards and references noted.

Please see the Diamondback Brochure for complete installation instructions.

Please see attached document for complete Warranty details.

Diamondback® GlasRoc® Tile Backer

CertainTeed Gypsum is committed to sustainability. Our manufacturing facilities, located throughout North America, provide regional material coverage and operate with a responsible and environmentally conscious ethic that includes reclamation, preservation of natural resources, recycling and waste management.

Diamondback™ Tile Backer products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality® and GREENGUARD Children & Schools SM Certified, are mold resistant in accordance with the ASTM D 3273 test method and can contribute to LEED building credits.

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