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Solar PV (photovoltaic) roofing systems are widely known for their ability to generate electric power for residential homes and commercial buildings through the absorption of solar energy from the sun’s rays.  And, in the movement toward increased sustainability, cleaner energy and lower utility bills, they are becoming a more common sight, especially in regions of the country where sunlight is the strongest.


CertainTeed Corporation is powering a new generation of green, sustainable energy solutions with the introduction of the EnerGen™ Photovoltaic Solar Power Roofing System. Unlike other PV roofing systems on the market, EnerGen is specifically designed with building professionals and conventional roofing contractors in mind offering ease of installation and vastly improved aesthetics for homeowners.


The EnerGen PV roofing system features integrated UNI-SOLAR® thin-film laminates that seamlessly integrate with traditional asphalt roofing shingles.  The system’s lightweight design requires no rooftop penetrations, making it easier for contractors to install while maintaining roof deck integrity.  The laminates lie flush with the remainder of the traditional roofing shingles, providing a streamlined, visually appealing appearance.  By providing a more aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive roof plane with no roof penetrations, the product overcomes the largest objection to the acceptance of photovoltaic roofing panels.


“Photovoltaics continue to gain momentum as the world’s fastest growing energy technology,” says Guillaume Texier, president of CertainTeed Roofing.  “Through the development of EnerGen, a lightweight, easy-to-install system, we are helping building professionals and roofing contractors expand their product offering and seize new opportunities for growth.”


 “CertainTeed is transforming a niche technology into a product that is more accessible to the building industry and, therefore, a broader range of homeowners,” adds Texier.  “EnerGen is the first step in what will be a comprehensive portfolio of PV roofing products for residential and commercial applications.”


Across the nation, PV roofing systems are proving themselves as an excellent method of increasing the overall energy efficiency of homes and buildings and producing clean energy. The growth of clean energy helps decrease our dependency on traditional power sources, such as coal, which have a more negative impact on the environment.  As new technology develops that makes PV roofs more efficient and easier to install, we can expect increased presence on homes and buildings, helping us make another move toward a more sustainable future.


For more information on CertainTeed Roofing’s PV Roofing Systems and products visit CertainTeed Roofing’s Solar product listing.

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