CertaPro™ Commercial Sustainable Insulation®
AcoustaTherm™ Batts

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Quiet Efficiency is Key

  • Unfaced, light-density fiber glass batts for use in steel stud construction. Batts are designed for friction-fit installation.
  • Unfaced or kraft faced ceiling batts are designed to lay directly on suspended ceiling systems. Faced batts have no tabs. When installed they must be butted together.

  • To enhance acoustical and thermal performance of exterior and interior walls.
  • To improve sound transmission loss performance of suspended ceiling systems.

  • Unfaced batts rated noncombustible per ASTM E136.
  • Kraft faced batts suitable for non-exposed applications.
  • Versatile: Enhances acoustical and thermal performance of interior and exterior walls and suspended ceiling systems.
  • Will not rot or mildew; resists fungal growth.
  • Lightweight, easily fabricated and installed.

These insulation products may qualify for rebates and other incentives. For more information, visit certainteed.com/itools for your area’s specific offers.

CertainTeed cares about the environment and Building Responsibly™, and for more than 100 years has maintained a commitment to provide sustainable, innovative solutions that improve energy efficiency and comfort. From production to product, CertainTeed's focus has been on minimizing its impact on the environment by reducing energy consumption, conserving renewable resources and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. And with our Sustainable Insulation® fiber glass products, the mission continues. Visit www.sustainableinsulation.com for more information or watch our YouTube video


  • ASTM C553, Type I (unfaced)
  • ASTM C665, Type I (unfaced); Type II, Class C, Category 1 (kraft faced)
  • ICC Model Building Codes
  • New York City MEA 18-80-M (unfaced)
  • California Quality Standards, Reg. No. CA-T024 (PA)
  • City of Los Angeles, RR 8148 (unfaced)

CertaPro AcoustaTherm Batts are designed to fill the entire stud cavity and be held in place by friction-fit. For applications where the wall is not finished on both sides or the insulation does not fill the cavity, supplementary support of the insulation, such as wire or insulation pins, shall be provided to hold the insulation in place.

Install with the facing down toward the occupied area. When placing AcoustaTherm Batts over suspended ceiling panels, refer to the suspended ceiling manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure proper installation. Kraft facings are combustible; do not use in exposed applications. Check local code requirements.

These installation recommendations are general in nature. Other methods are acceptable. Please consult local building codes for recommendations best suited to the application.

For information and how-to videos, visit our YouTube page


Please refer to CertaPro™ Commercial Limited One-Year Fiber Glass Insulation Warranty.
In as much as CertainTeed has no control over the installation design, installation workmanship, accessory materials, or conditions of application, CertainTeed does not warrant the performance or results of any installation containing its products.

CertainTeed insulation products improve building energy efficiency and reduce building energy consumption for the life of the structure. As a result, they help conserve nonrenewable energy sources, decrease dependence on foreign oil and lower greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the recycled content of CertainTeed fiber glass insulation meets the EPA minimum Recovered Material Guideline for fiber glass products consisting of preconsumer and post-consumer glass cullet.


CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage.

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