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Step up to superior decking
EverNew® LT Cellular PVC Decking with Lumenite™

EverNew LT® Decking's unique material composition provides performance benefits that go far beyond wood, and surpass those of other composite materials.  It's the perfect complement to an easy lifestyle - and a choice you'll appreciate every time you step onto your deck, and into the great outdoors.

  • Ultra-low-maintenance performance superior to any PVC decking in the marketplace
  • Unique, patent-pending Lumenite™ surface provides unequaled stain, fade and chalk resistance
  • Non-organic surfaces are highly mold resistant
  • Infrared heat-reflective surface is cooler underfoot
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight for easier handling and installation
  • Class A fire rated for flame spread
  • Available in four rich colors
  • Installs with patent-pending Deck Pilot® tool for a fastener-free surface
  • Lifetime Limited Performance Warranty including the industry's only 25-year Stain and Fade Warranty 

Decking with Lumenite™ Technology
EverNew LT is decking redefined. The difference is Lumenite Technology, a petent-pending innovation that gives EverNew LT unsurpassed performance capabilites.  An engineered, fusion-bonded surface technology, Lumenite provides the ultimate in stain, fade and mold resistance.
Looking for a paint color to match your house and accessories for your decking? 
The EverNew LT color palette is available through the SherCOLOR tinting program at all Sherwin-Williams stores, under CertainTeed.  The SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Satin product is recommended for finishing end cuts or minor touch-ups of boards.  (Note:  For multi-chromatic colors, the Sherwin-Williams match is of the predominant color of the board so due to the variation among boards, the specified tint may just complement the overall job.)

Easy Accurate Installation

EverNew® LT installs as easily as wood, with no special tools or training required.  And, because EverNew LT Decking is lighter in weight than other composite decking materials, it's more installer-friendly

  • Installs without pre-drilling and won't mushroom like wood
  • Can be fastened to a pressure-treated wood substructure

Deck Pilot® Hidden Fastener System


For the ultimate in a smooth, clean appearance, EverNew LT Decking can be installed using a system that "hides" the fasteners.  The key to this system is the Deck Pilot.


The Deck Pilot system takes advantage of the screwfriendly PVC cellular structure that allows screws to be inserted at a strength-enhancing angle.  The system makes it easy to precisely position screws, while allowing consistent accuracy in gapping.  Independent lab tests qualify the Deck Pilot system as one of the strongest installation systems in use today, exceeding code requirements in hurricane-prone areas.


Stain and Fade Warranty


With EverNew® LT Decking you'll experience performance that far exceeds expectations. Evernew® LT won't stain, and the color won't fade or change. That's a promise backed by the market's only 25-Year Stain and Fade* Resistant Warranty.  Additionally, EverNew® LT is supported by CertainTeed's Lifetime Limited Performance Warranty - one of the best in the industry.
*Measured by color change in excess of five Delta E (Hunter) units.

Be part of the solution
EverNew® LT Decking is a Sustainable Product


EverNew® LT Decking's advanced material composition contributes to a cleaner environment in ways that wood can't match.  To produce the wood for decks, tens of thousands of trees must be destroyed.  Each year, thousands of worn decks are torn apart and dumped into landfills.  The discarded boards have typically been stained and pressure treated with caustic chemicals.  These, too, go into the ground.  By contrast, EverNew® LT Decking is friendly to the environment.


EverNew® LT Decking is:


  • Made with an average of 27% pre-consumer, recycled content
  • Not a wood product, and does not require the destruction of wood resources
  • Urea formaldehyde-free, and does not release harmful chemicals into the environment
  • A product with a very long life cycle compared to traditional wood decks
  • Designed for long-term performance without the need for paint or stain
  • Manufactured through an energy-efficient process that is free of toxic chemicals and produces virtually no waste
  • A contributor to high-performance green buildings


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