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Insulation Fundamentals: Vapor Retarders

A vapor retarder is any material that limits the transmission of water vapor. If you're using unfaced fiber glass insulation, a suitable vapor retarder is a 2-mil nylon film called MemBrain™,  the Smart Vapor Retarder. Or, you can buy faced fiber glass insulation, which has the vapor retarder already attached. Types of faced insulation include:
  • DryRight™ - fiber glass batts with MemBrain, the Smart Vapor Retarder attached.
  • Kraft-Faced - kraft paper coated with an asphalt adhesive.
  • Foil-Faced - foil-backed paper coated with asphalt adhesive.
  • Flame-Resistant Foil-Faced - foil-scrim-kraft (FSK) paper that is strong and resistant to flame spread. 
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