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Installation Videos

To help you through the installation process, we have developed a series of installaltion/educational videos which break down specific sections. There are two main sections: Getting Started and Installation.  Under each section there are several topics that will help you with any uncertainties you may have with the installation of CertainTeed fiber cement.
To request a complete installation DVD or manual, please contact our Sales Support Group at 800-233-8990.
Fiber Cement Installation Videos 
Video Title Duration
Section 1 - Getting Started
Safety 01:32
Storage & Handling 01:12
Cutting 02:43
Fastening 01:59
Fastening to Wood Frame 01:15
Fastening to Metal Framing 00:55
Wall Preparation 00:43
Sheathing 00:57
Clearances 01:06
Flashing 01:00
Fastening to Other Materials 01:14
Section 2 - Installation
Lap Siding 06:36
Perfection Shingles 00:43
Random Edge Shapes 06:26
Individual Shakes 02:59
Octagons and Half Rounds 05:27
Vertical Siding 02:24
Soffits 02:27
Porch Ceiling Panels 01:16
Finishing and Caulking 04:44
Replacing a Damaged Panel 02:20
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