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What are the Advantages of Fiber Cement Trim?

With all the advantages of wood trim and none of the limitations, CertainTeed Fiber Cement Trim provides the superior strength and stability that maintain beauty and value over the long term.
Versatility of Fiber Cement Trim
Machined square edges create the clean look and smooth finish of high-end construction. CertainTeed Fiber Cement Trim is ideally suited for a variety of exterior corners, windows, columns, doors and more, adding grace and elegance to any style of architecture.
Fiber Cement Trim Durability
CertainTeed Fiber Cement Trim withstands damage from impact and is termite resistant.
No special tools required on the jobsite. CertainTeed Fiber Cement Trim is easily cut with the same saws and installed with the same tools traditionally used for building with wood products.
Is Fiber Cement Trim Environmentally Friendly?
CertainTeed Fiber Cement Trim is made from an amalgamation of non-aggressive materials that safeguard human health and the environment. Our manufacturing process employs principles of conservation that meet international environmental standards such as ISO 14001.
CertainTeed Fiber Cement Trim Offers Superior Style and Performance
Complements any siding and architecture
Available with CertainTeed ColorMax™ Finish in 16 designer colors*
Reversible for choice of wood grain or smooth surface
Smooth, square edges for finished appearance
Protected against moisture by primer with proven performance
Termite and weather resistant
Class A (1) Flame Spread Rating
25 year limited warranty*
No specialized tools needed at the job site
No silica added
*See actual warranty for details and conditions

Nominal Dimensions

Style Width Length Thickness

4/4 CertainTeed Fiber Cement Trim**

3" 12' 4/4"
4" 12' 4/4"
6" 12' 4/4"
  8" 12' 4/4"
  10" 12' 4/4"
  12" 12' 4/4"


5/4 CertainTeed Fiber Cement Trim**







6" 12' 5/4"
8" 12' 5/4"
  10" 12' 5/4"
  12" 12' 5/4"

**Made expressly for CertainTeed by Plycem (not a WeatherBoards™ product).  See separate Installation Instructions for CertainTeed Fiber Cement Trim on website

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