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Installation Videos - UnderShield® Water Diversion System

Designed to respond to the needs of building professionals and homeowners, UnderShield is easy to install to new or existing decks, and will maintain unobstructed air flow when properly installed. Panels can run parallel or perpendicular to the home, and an easy-to-use clip creates the desired pitch. To request additional installation information, please contact our Sales Support Group at 800-233-8990.
Installing UnderShield

Video Duration

Introduction 1:59
Glossary of Components and Tools Required 1:47
Storage, Handling and Fire Safety Information 0:57
Inspection and Preparation 0:46
Measuring and Planning the Layout 3:12
Attaching Clips to the Grid Bars 3:32
Attaching the Grid Bars to the Joists 2:09
Installing the UnderShield Panels 2:04
Finishing the Edges 0:54
Installing a Fan or Light 1:09
Care and Maintenance 1:04
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