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Family living, evening retreat, earth-friendly comfort – every choice sends a message about your unique style and what’s important to you. This tool makes it easier than ever to find the siding that best represents your tastes, personality and attitude.

So, go ahead, express yourself.

Freedom of Choice is an open invitation to express the real you. And with CertainTeed’s comprehensive range of siding products and accents, you have more ways to express yourself than ever before.

Random Square Staggered Edge, 7″ Exposure

{ ColorMax® Finishing System: Pewter }

Weathers the toughest elements and everyday impacts and protects against moisture, blistering and peeling.

Cedar Impressions®
Rough-Split Shakes,
Double 7″

{ Natural Clay }

Cedar grain texture so deep, the rugged look is unmistakable.

Growing family.

To keep up with our family, we needed a siding that was low-maintenance and economical.

Insulated Siding,
Double 6″ Clapboard

{ Heritage Cream }

Warmer in winter, cooler in summer: with insulated siding the seasons roll by smoothly.

Peace of mind.

To ensure our retirement was spent relaxing, we chose a siding that was both durable and beautiful, without the worry of maintenance.

Dream home

To finally be able to build our dream home was amazing. Our top priority was selecting a siding that had the look of real wood, without the constant maintenance.

Restoration Millwork® Exterior Trim

Give it personality. The magic is in the details. It looks, works and shapes like real wood, but lasts much longer. So many choices, you can recreate an architectural style or create your own.


To recreate the historical charm of my neighborhood, it was important to find a siding option that offered an array of accents.

Board & Batten, Single 8″
Monogram® 46,
Double 4″ Clapboard

{ Sandstone Beige }
{ Savannah Wicker }

CertainTeed's PermaColor® Technology protects against fading to keep your home beautiful.