Optimum Performance

Find Your Place in the Sun

Solar panels perform at peak efficiency when certain factors work in your favor. While all solar collectors perform at their best on clear, sunny days when sun exposure is at its peak, our panels are designed to work longer and harder, making the most out of any sunlight conditions, from dawn to dusk. For best results...



1.    Face South

This is the optimum position for solar panels, but southeast and southwest facing arrays can produce decent results.


2.    Catch the Latitude Attitude

Homes in lower latitudes get better sun saturation. CertainTeed solar technology broadens the range.


3.    Get Out of the Shade

Position solar panels where no shade will fall on them (from trees, buildings, chimneys, etc.).


4.    The Best Rays are Middays

When the sun is at its highest, solar panels run at optimum levels. CertainTeed solar technology extends this window.


 Optimum Performance Image

5.    Be Weather Aware

The more sun, the better.


6.    Get Seasoned Advice

The sun is higher in the sky in summer compared to winter and a steeper roof is better in winter than in summer. Find a balance for your change in seasons.




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