Creating acoustically sound environments for students of all ages.

Our education can shape our entire lives, and our schools’ acoustics can shape our education. With increasing demands, our schools and universities have steadily been getting louder — distracting students, adding stress for teachers and hindering educational outcomes.  We know how to help you create acoustically sound environments where students of all ages can communicate, learn and thrive – while teachers can focus on keeping them engaged. CertainTeed Ceilings is equipped to meet the specific needs of the educational setting. And based on independent testing by Berkeley Labs, many of our panels are certified as low-emitting/low VOC products. That means we make it possible to create environments that support learning while also promoting superior air quality.


  • Performa® School Board®

    Third-party tested and certified, with an EPD through UL Environment, School Board® offers exceptional durability - up to 25% higher surface hardness than conventional wet-felted ceiling products per ASTM C 367 testing. 


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  • Temple University Students Use Ecophon® Wall Panels To Solve Their Own Acoustical Crisis

    Ringing ears, repeating their statements, and speaking louder just weren’t getting the teaching and learning accomplished in one of Temple University’s School of Architecture classrooms. So the students in the Facilities Management program presented their case, and CertainTeed Ceilings provided the education.

    As a first step, employees of the company—Heather Wilmot, Bob Marshall and Thomas Callahan—met with the students to instruct them on acoustical issues in classrooms and the means available to address them.

    The culprits in this classroom were soundwaves that strike the vertical surfaces of the classroom walls and bounce in a horizontal fashion, not unlike a ball in a racquetball game. Normally, the first place to look to solve this problem would be the ceiling, but in this case the ceiling sprinkler system ruled it out. Instead, CertainTeed recommended a vertical acoustical wall panel that is attractive, tackable, and addresses sound issues.

    The students helped oversee the wall panel design process. CertainTeed Ceilings returned at a later date to work directly with the students in small teams, installing the panels in one afternoon.

    “The students really enjoyed being a part of the installation. You could markedly feel and hear the difference in the room,” said Alana Dunoff, professor, Temple University, School of Architecture. “Just being able to speak without the ringing in my ears in particular, not having to ask someone to repeat what they were saying. It just has a whole calming effect on the entire environment.”



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