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Indoor Environmental Quality

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Presentation - Odors Effects on Indoor Air Quality
(58 Seconds  )

Odor problems/ Odor solutions.

Item LockedPresentation - Acoustical Comfort
(2 Minutes  45 Seconds  )

Reduce sound reverberation time/ Limit airborne noise (sound transmission from space to space)/ Limit sound transmission trough ceilings/ Reduce impact noise/ Minimize background noise.

Item LockedPresentation - Indoor Air Quality
(5 Minutes  32 Seconds  )

Humidity impact on A/C system design/ Attached parking garages/ Airborne contaminants/ Guidelines for environmental emissions.

Item LockedPresentation - Thermal Comfort
(1 Minute  29 Seconds  )

Air temperature/ Humidity/ Temperatures of surfaces/ Occupants metabolic rate/ Amount or lack of clothing insulation worn by occupants/ Rate of air speed as it flows across body surfaces.

Item LockedPresentation - Visual Comfort
(2 Minutes  49 Seconds  )

The visual comfort is in part practical, in part aesthetic, and includes artificial lighting, day lighting, and creating interesting environments.


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