NAHB Credits - Drywall and Performance Wallboards, Sheathing & Tile Backers and Underlayments

NAHB CREDITS (Based on NAHB National Green Building Standard, published 2009) Possible Points
Resource Efficiency
604.1 Recycled-content Materials: Use recycled-content building materials for two minor and/or two major components of the building with a recycled content of 25% or greater. 2-6
608.1 Locally Available, Indigenous Materials: Use indigenous materials for major elements of the building. 2
609.1 Use LCA to Determine Most Environmentally Preferable Material: A more environmentally preferable product or assembly is selected for an application based on the use of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool compliant with ISO 14044 or other recognized standards that compare the environmental impact of building materials, assemblies or the whole building. 3
610.1 Plant is ISO 14001 Certified: Product manufacturer’s operation and business practices include environmental management system concepts, and the product facility is ISO 14001 certified or equivalent. The aggregate value of the building products from ISO 14001 certified or equivalent production facilities is 1% or more of the total estimated building materials cost. 1-10