Ceiling Design for Offices

Improve workplace productivity

Modern workplaces are designed to be a key part of a business’s image and culture. They must promote collaboration and innovation, while supporting people, processes and ever-evolving technology. From acoustically challenging open offices to high profile lobbies, CertainTeed Ceilings enable your best office design. For proof, look no further than our own headquarters where we live with our acoustic solutions every day as occupants so we can improve them as experts.

Effective offices

Tearing down walls and lowering cubicles may lead to better collaboration, but it is also leading to higher noise levels that affect workers’ performance. Talk to us about our solutions to create office spaces that strike the ideal balance of communication and concentration, allowing employees to work, think and collaborate to their full potential.

Benefits that matter most to employers and employees

When workers lose their train of thought, it takes up to 15 minutes to get back on task, and complex cognitive tasks suffer the most from distractions. Designing office spaces for optimum acoustic performance can minimize distracting background noise and increase the ability to focus by as much as 48%.



Background noise at the 50-60 decibel level common in many offices creates an overall sense of discomfort as well as stress and fatigue. Long-term, this stress can lead to illness, higher rates of absenteeism and employee turnover.

Designing for acoustic comfort doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetic impact. From virtually seamless minimalist ceilings that disguise access points to free-hanging clouds and baffles in custom shapes, the creative possibilities go way beyond the standard suspended ceiling.

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Acoustic ceiling solutions for every office space

Open office areas require superior acoustic performance, both sound absorbing and blocking, to enhance speech privacy and reduce background noise. Low emitting materials with high light reflectance also increase employee comfort.

These higher profile spaces must balance acoustics with aesthetics, absorbing sound and improving speech intelligibility while maintaining an appearance that upholds the company’s image.

Speech privacy and sound containment are paramount in private office spaces that deal in sensitive information like human resources and legal issues. High light reflectance is also beneficial.

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High acoustic performance including both sound absorption and blocking is important to keep office chatter confined to the corridor, while high light reflectance maximizes the effects of lighting in often windowless areas.

Excellent sound absorption and blocking are required to avoid the situation where diners increase their volume constantly to be heard over each other. Durable, cleanable surfaces are an important benefit in food service and prep areas.

Design impact is essential at the reception area where first impressions are made. Special attention to Indoor Air Quality and reducing reverberation for better speech intelligibility is also recommended.

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Sustainability information and documentation for your office projects.

Find sustainable ceilings products for your office project based on environmental characteristics, process LEED letters, and access documentation required for project submittals through EcoScorecard.

LEED v4 rewards designers and builders for selecting products with Health Product Declarations and Environmental Product Declarations. Access our transparency documents for your project.

The SmartBIM tool embeds all of the environmental data included in ecoScorecard into the product’s BIM object, allowing you to search, select and download product models by keyword, name or CSI section in a few simple steps.

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