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The majority of architectural acoustic situations consist of a source,
a path and a receiver.


  • The neighbors' home theatre system
  • A patient waiting room
  • High school band practice room

The sound transmission paths are those building elements which noise
from the source travels through to interfere with our daily activities.


  • A person trying to talk on the phone
  • Patient sitting in an examination room
  • Teacher conducting a class

SilentFX™ Gypsum Board systems address these paths and through
proper design and installation contribute to satisfactory sound isolation
and privacy.

Two key performance characteristics of good acoustic design for wall
systems to decrease sound transmission from adjacent spaces:

  • Provide mass to the system
  • Dampen the vibrations caused by the sound energy striking the system.

SilentFX™ Gypsum Board is engineered using the mass of two dense gypsum board layers with an inner layer of viscoelastic polymer that acts much like a shock absorber to dampen the board vibrations. This type of "Constrained Layer Damping" board product performs well acoustically over an extended range of frequencies resulting in increased Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings for the systems.