Become a RoofingRESPONSIBLY™ Contractor
Over 12 million tons of asphalt shingle waste went into landfills last year. Now there is an option to keep those old shingles out of the landfill and set you apart from other roofing contractors by offering a new, green, environmentally-friendly solution. RoofingRESPONSIBLY

No added Cost! Big added Value!

CertainTeed’s RoofingRESPONSIBLY program includes the recycling of torn-off roofs into materials for road paving. It’s easy to participate in the program with the compartmentalized dumpster that keeps recyclable materials separate from the rest of the load.


And the best part…it costs about the same as a typical dumpster and disposal fees, but means much more to homeowners and the planet.


For additional information regarding the program, click on the link to the Contractor Brochure below.


NOTE: If you are a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™ or ShingleMaster™ we will place a RoofingRESPONSIBLY icon ( Recycle ) on your contractor locator listing as part of your CertainTeed credentials.


Contractor Brochure