Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the most common questions we receive have been answered for you below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us at 800-233-8990.

How much R-value do I need?
What do I do if my insulation gets wet?
Which way does the vapor retarder face?
What do I do about vapor retarders in my basement?
Do I fasten the vapor retarder flanges to the face of the stud, or do I inset staple?
Is the Optima fabric a vapor retarder, and is it fire-rated?
How do I insulate my crawl space?
What’s the difference between your sound batts and regular batts?
How do I know if the contractor blew in enough loose fill insulation?
I have existing insulation in my attic floor. Can I just put batts right on top?
Can I put your batts right up against the underside of my roof deck?
What is that odor coming from the insulation?
I’d like a higher R-value than my framing will allow. Is there a downside to compressing fiber glass insulation?
Will my health be compromised if I inhale the fibers?
Are your products formaldehyde-free?