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Join the Community in Restoring the Silence with Down With Decibels

At 65 decibels (db) the risk of a patient having a heart attack increases.

A 20 db increase in classroom noise can delay a student’s reading level by up to 8 months.

In offices, productivity can drop as much as 66 percent when employees, who are trying to read or write, are able to hear nearby conversations.

Failing grades. Flagging productivity. Longer hospital stays. All are symptoms of sick buildings that lack effective acoustics. Students, teachers, patients, healthcare and office workers spend their days straining to hear and be heard. Through the new movement, Down with Decibels, building occupants are imploring the architecture and design community to hear them and join them--helping to restore the calm and the silence of their surroundings.

Join the movement. MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Sign up and become an advocate to spread the word and improve the lives of us all.

Learn more about the acoustical issues and effects of our buildings on people at NoNoiseNow.com »

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