Ecophon from CertainTeed Ceilings

Office, Education & Healthcare

Ecophon Ceilings - CertainTeed

Benefit from Office Acoustics
Unique technology developed in Ecophon products to improve the sound environment of office premises.

Products: Focus A, Focus E, Focus Ds, Focus Dg, Solo
Case Studies: Comcast Center, El Paso Corporation
Ecophon Ceilings - CertainTeed

Optimizing School Acoustics for Learning Environments
Ecophon products designed for securing an optimized sound design in your educational environment.

Products: Gedina A, Gedina E, Texona
Case Studies: Temple University , Linden Hall Academy, Texas A&M , School of Visual Arts
Ecophon from CertainTeed Ceilings

Healthy Sound Environments for Patients & Staff
Ecophon has developed a wide hygiene range of products that fit various demands of cleanability and still fulfill absorption class A.

Product: Hygiene
Case Study: Texas Children's Hospital

Basic Acoustics

video 1: Acoustics: Sound propagation explained


video 2: Acoustics: Articulation Class (AC) explained
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