Allowing patients to rest and heal and practitioners to work better.

As the world gets louder, so do our healthcare facilities. Bigger buildings, more people, more noisy machinery, more demands. The sound level keeps increasing — greatly affecting medical and economical outcomes. In fact, research has shown that  high sound levels cause stress among hospital staff and patients, which in turn increases staff turnover, increases the rate of medical errors and negatively affects how patients respond to treatment.

 CertainTeed Ceilings specializes in crafting acoustically sound environments within the healthcare setting. We can help you create Environmental Acoustics that allow patients to rest and heal while enabling practitioners to work better. That will enhance any patients’ experience, increasing positive outcomes.

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  • Ecophon® Hygiene®

    Ecophon Hygiene Advance is a unique sound absorbing system for use in demanding environments.

    The panel has a core of high density fiberglass encapsulated in a smooth high performance film that is impervious to particles and water. The film is also dirt repellent and resistant to most chemical

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  • Performa® Rx Symphony®

    The new Performa® Rx Symphony® line provides outstanding acoustics, light reflectance, washability, impact and scratch resistance, and a superior level of stain resistance and water repellency specifically designed for the healthcare market. Available in mineral fiber, fiberglass, and gypsum.

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