Ecophon - Achieves stunning, acoustically sound ceilings.

Ecophon® ceilings and walls offer countless designs and shapes, along with outstanding acoustical performance and functionality. Extensive high-end designs, including multi-level suspension systems, allow you to attain a new dimension of beauty and functionality in any space.

Featured Products in Ecophon

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  • Ecophon® Solo

    Acoustical, free-hanging unit for limitless design options. Akutex FT white finish has perfect light diffusion (+99%).  Available in 11 different shapes and 9 different colors.

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  • Ecophon® Wall Panels

    Available in two options, Texona or Super G, these innovative panels allow architects to achieve the highest acoustical performance with a broad range of creative opportunities.

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  • VOC Compliant Ecophon® Focus

    Ecophon® Focus™ A and E are now available with a new plant-based binding agent. The exclusive 3RD technology combines a high content of recycled glass with a renewable plant-based binding agent, making products VOC Compliant.

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