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Moisture Management

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Item LockedAnimation - How Moisture Flows Through Gravity
(44 Seconds  )

Water flows downhill and will seek any and all entry points in the building envelope.

Item LockedAnimation - How Moisture Flows Through Capillarity
(53 Seconds  )

When you place a drinking straw into a glass of water, the water is drawn up into the straw.

Item LockedAnimation - How Moisture Flows Through Diffusion
(56 Seconds  )

Diffusion is the movement of moisture through a substance.

Item LockedAnimation - How Moisture Flows Through the Air
(2 Minutes  55 Seconds  )

How air flow affects the flow of moisture in a building.

Item LockedAnimation - How Moisture Flow Creates Ice Damming
(29 Seconds  )

Here’s what can happen when exfiltration carries moisture through poorly sealed assemblies in a building all the way to the roof parapet causing ice damming at the top.

Animation - First Moisture Flow : Diffusion
(58 Seconds  )

Diffusion is the movement of moisture through a substance.

Animation - Second Moisture Flow : Air Leakage
(1 Minute  24 Seconds  )

Since the moisture is in a vapor form and mixed in with the air, if air leaks into a home or out of a home, so will the moisture.

Item LockedPresentation - Climate Considerations for Moisture Management
(1 Minute  31 Seconds  )

Consider the temperature/ Consider the precipitation/ US climate zones/ Building codes consider temperature and moisture.

Item LockedPresentation - Exterior Walls against Moisture
(4 Minutes  25 Seconds  )

Rainwater management/ Climate influences vapor retarder selection and placement.

Item LockedPresentation - A Tool to Predict Moisture Performance
(3 Minutes  20 Seconds  )

Hygrothermal analysis predicts the impact of transient heat and moisture transfer on building envelopes over time.

Item LockedPresentation - Roofing Systems against Moisture
(3 Minutes  17 Seconds  )

Types of commercial roofing systems/ Example: Low-sloped roof considerations.


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